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Ang Jangbu Sherpa’s Story

An exemplar of Edmund Hillary’s vision

Ang Jangbu was born in 1957 in a tiny remote village in the Himalayas. One of 10 brothers and sisters, he spent his early years as a shepherd boy, living in great poverty, constantly hungry and cold, spending long hours alone on the mountainside.

Ang Jangbu is a shining light for the success and potential of Sherpa people and an example of their incredible resilience and determination. Himalayan Trust is proud to continue supporting and developing these schools. There can hardly be a more remarkable example of the value of education and the potential of young people to achieve, if given the chance.

In exchange for cooking and cleaning duties Ang Jangbu moved to Thame for schooling up to 4th grade, but then struggled to find anywhere to further continue his education that he was working tirelessly for. The only option was Khumjung School, a 3 hour walk from his family home in Jorsale (a 3 hour walk for Ang Jangbu and a 2-3 day walk for most tourists!). Ang Jangbu jokes that “I would have easily met the summit challenge [goals in] those days since walking five hours a day, five days a week was routine!”.

At that time, students from further distances received monthly subsidies of 70 Rupees from the Himalayan Trust, Jangbu says “that was such a huge help for our personal clothing and basic necessities which was as valuable as seven thousand in today’s value”. Ang Jangbu’s commitment shone through his academic success and he received a scholarship for Higher Education I. Kathmandu which led to him moving overseas and getting his pilot’s license. Since then Jangbu became the first Sherpa pilot to work for Nepal’s National Airlines before moving to Seattle to start his career flying Boeing 747’s and 787’s all over the world. He now lives in Germany continuing his impressive career as a Senior Captain.


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