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Delisha’s story

Delisha’s is a story of generational change created by a simple and powerful action that supporters made a decade ago. Delisha grew up in a village called Nele in the foothills of Mt Everest. Having never gone to school, Delisha’s mother (Gita) was illiterate and as a single parent, she borrowed money just to survive and feed her three children. Gita wanted to create a different future for her daughter.

A simple donation of just a few hundred dollars provided a scholarship for Delisha to attend primary school, and to go on and learn for life. Each scholarship included: a uniform school fees a backpack books and stationery. Many of the most vulnerable families have also been supported with a small cash payment and counselling services to ensure the children remain in school.

Delisha's StoryThis learning package has set Delisha on a remarkably different pathway in life to her mother. Although Delisha is no longer on an Australian Himalayan Foundation (AHF) scholarship, the impact continues to multiply. It means Delisha can now read, write and continue to learn. She thirsts for knowledge and wants to be a Bank Manager, support her family and give back to strengthen her community.

You can actually see the impact this scholarship has had on Delisha’s life for yourself in this short 1-minute video. Educating girls increases future earnings, builds resilience and helps keep children safe. Armed with literacy, knowledge and capacity to continue learning these children are the generational change needed to transform their communities. For 20 years now, Australian supporters have empowered thousands of students like Delisha with scholarships and quality education that helps them immediately, and for a lifetime and help create another generation of change. Delivered in partnership between REED Nepal and the AHF, this work is also supported through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP).

Australian Himalayan Foundation

Education – help create a Generation of Change from Australian Himalayan Foundation on Vimeo.


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