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Stories of Change – Educating Women and Girls

Alpana Rai is currently studying a Bachelor of Education and has taught at Bashuki Basic School for four years.  She has also participated in REED Teacher Training for the last three years as a part of the Teacher Training and Quality Inclusive Education Program (TTQIE) delivered in partnership by REED Nepal and the Australian Himalayan Foundation.

The community in which Alpana lives belong to the ethnic minority groups of Kulung/Rai and Dalit groups and do not have a strong understanding of the value of education. When REED Nepal launched Distance Education via Radio during COVID,  Alpana led home visits to see parents and community representatives to promote both an understanding of COVID safety measures and distance learning.

One of Alpana’s teaching colleagues said that  “ … if Alpana along with other teachers had not visited, children would have missed radio lessons and COVID safety and protective messages. Potentially few of the senior level students might drop out classes or engaged at anti-social activities (drugs, early marriage) …”.

This work is supported through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP).

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