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Supporting teachers with disability in Nepal

Supporting teachers with disability to achieve success in Nepali classrooms

Ang Dandi Sherpa was born in Salleri Solukhumbu where he graduated from school. He was keen to undertake tertiary studies, but tragically he became very ill and lost his sight in both eyes. Ang only regained partial sight, but was motivated when he learned that he had successfully graduated from school and worked hard to overcome the stigma of vision impairment.

Ang “decided to have a strong commitment for himself and decided to be a primary level teacher at any cost”. He learned Braille in Kathmandu with support from Nepal Blind Association. Ang eventually got a teaching job in 2017.

Through support of the TTQE project and encouragement from REED’s dedicated staff, he has developed professionally and personally.   In 2020 Ang was transferred to his local school in his nearby home of Salleri to an AHF-funded Namuna School.

Ang said that “… It is easier for people to express when people understand me from a blind perspective.   I started to share my personal and professional problems and issues with the REED team. REED has provided me with the opportunity to attend [training]  … where I have the opportunity for inclusion with teachers from different schools where we could exchange tips for my professional growth.”

Ang has been provided with different teaching materials (stylus, board, hard paper, readable charts and other materials). He recently was provided with a set curriculum, textbooks and other reference materials in Braille script (published by National Blind Associated and CEHRD).

Ang told REED that “… those materials have added value to my profession and now I can do better preparation of my class in a more effective way.  My children feel proud when they see me with Braille script materials and others materials taken for their classes. I am sure these are another milestone for my professional growth leading”.

This work is supported through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP).

Credit: REED Nepal
Category: International Development/Education/Localisation and inclusion


Picture of Ang Dandi Sherpa (far left) , a vision-impaired teacher at staff meeting in Solukhumbu
Ang Dandi Sherpa (far left) , a vision-impaired teacher at staff meeting in Solukhumbu


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