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Rani School: A success story

Rani School is situated at the top of a very steep incline. Whichever way you set off; you must climb steeply for a thousand metres to get to it. Yet despite its challenging location, Rani School is arguably one of the most successful of all the schools that are being supported by the Himalayan Trust UK Teacher Training project together with REED. The partnership works like an old-fashioned clock, with all the cogs and parts moving as one to keep everything running smoothly.

At the school’s helm is a strong head teacher who holds strong beliefs in the value of learning and education. He adopts a child-led approach to running the school and is highly thought of by his own staff and the wider community. He has gathered teachers around him who believe in the same things as he does and understands the benefits of putting the children first. The teaching staff plan stimulating, interesting lessons that helps their pupils to enjoy their time at school and be inspired by what they are learning.

The pupils of Rani School are keen to attend each day and enjoy exploring what they might want to do with their lives when they are older. The talented teaching team has instilled valuable confidence and self-belief into their young charges, and it clearly shows in their focus, attitudes and behaviour, both in and out of school.

Another reason for Rani School’s success is the extent to which the head teacher has involved the wider community in its development. A School Management Committee, largely made up of parents who want the best for their children, is very active in promoting the importance of regular attendance and providing support as required. The children feel supported and encouraged at home as a result of this. A separate Parents Association and Mothers Group also work for the good of the school alongside this committee.

All of this pleasing progress is made even more rewarding when considered against the context of the challenging region in which it is based. Families whose children go to Rani School come from a poor community, which is mainly supported by subsistence farming. The long and difficult walk to and from the school, which takes in that 1,000-metre steep climb is also not proving to be a barrier for children keen to gain a good education.

Find out more about Rani School and the other educational establishments Himalayan Trust UK supports in the Himalaya region by contacting them here. We would welcome your support to help us ensure that more schools in the region can prove as successful as this shining beacon of hope.


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